First the background: hundreds of subpostmasters applied to join Group Litigation Action in which it is alleged that the problems with the PO’s point-of-sale system, Horizon, erroneously showed financial shortfalls in post offices all around the UK.

The group, amounting to 522 claimants, went to the High Court in October and were duly awarded extra time to allow more retailers to join. The cut-off date was 10 November. Apparently they already had about another 70 subpostmasters seeking to join the action, so close-on 600 altogether.

As everyone realised several years ago when the Justice for subpostmasters Alliance was formed, it will be a long haul. There are 22 key issues to be decided at the trial to be held next November. Thousands of documents will be involved, IT experts on both sides, and there will follow a further trial which has been ordered for March 2019.

May justice prevail.