In the process of trying to advise Mukesh Brahmbhatt (Caverly News, Leeds) on that ever-tricky subject of HMRC, he asked whether anyone else needs a personal licence to sell booze in his store. Apparently, he had been asking around at the cash and carry and fellow retailers said they didn’t know.

The short answer is no. The question cropped up quite a lot a decade or so ago. The Association of Convenience Stores sought clarification on the Licensing Act for England and Wales at the time.

The verdict was that you need a premises licence and one designated premises supervisor who holds a personal licence. Otherwise you would have one foot nailed to the floor at all times that the store is open.

And, as this magazine reported in December, those who are due to renew their person licence in early 2015 will find it a simpler process: just submit to the local authority at no cost unless you are making changes. This move is because the government is planning to scrap the 10-year renewal rule. So cheers to that!