In the last issue I reported for the second time on Kirit Ved’s habit of saving up his News UK vouchers until they’re worth about £700, which he uses to offset his VAT bill. He got the first lot back after taking it to stage two of the complaints process. He was again at stage two when he contacted me.

I can now report that, once again, they have credited his vouchers even though they said they couldn’t trace them and they were doing it only as a goodwill gesture.

Kirit, who trades as Ved’s News in Stoke Newington, London, says he does a similar saving-up of his Guardian vouchers and gets no aggro from wholesaler Smiths News over it.

Ah, but I have before me a letter sent out in January 2016, a letter sent to Smiths’ customers on the secure returning of vouchers. Subhash Varambhia (Snutch News, Leicester) sent it to me from his archives. The letter clearly says that vouchers should be returned on a weekly basis, in a sealed envelope inside the magazine tote box with the lid securely fastened with the tote seals provided. Put your customer number clearly on the envelope. You should also list the number you are returning, keep a copy and take note of the envelope reference number. You should not give the envelopes to the driver, or return them with the newspapers.

So it would appear a common process and I think either Kirit is going to have to conform or have to go through the laborious complaints process every quarter.