Over the past two issues I have run quite a song and dance about news wholesaler Menzies switching from an 0845 number to an 0844 one. In the first of these I pointed out that Menzies did offer a couple of alternative ways of relaying orders/corrections and otherwise keeping in touch.

One of these is a phone app, which has only resulted in criticism so far, and the other is the online method, which has drawn mixed reviews.
In our last issue, Jay Heer (Nisa, Chingford Hatch, London) found the internet way too slow for his liking, but it has found a fan in Doug McLellan from Kettlewell Village Store.

He writes: “I run a small village store in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales which sells just about everything, including newspapers. I read your article concerning Mary Birchall and her phone bill arising from calls to Menzies.

“I have been using i-menzies for some time and find it very quick and easy. This morning, for example, I was short delivered four newspapers, my daily credit was two papers short, and I needed to make changes to my newspaper and magazine orders. I did both the claims and the alterations in about five minutes. I find that doing it immediately means everything is fresh in your mind should any queries arise.”

He philosophically adds: “Whether I have been lucky I don’t know, but so far all my claims, alterations and so on have been processed very quickly. In case you are wondering, my weekly news bill is about £500, so I am not a massive customer. If Mary wishes to try i-menzies I would say go for it. If she needs help, I would be happy to try.”

Now Mary, I’ll bet that’s the best offer you’ve had in a while on the news front!