Sue Potter runs Millhouses PO, on the outskirts of Sheffield. She doesn’t usually open on a Sunday, but was among the 500 chosen post offices to sell the estimated 100,000 Royal Mail stamps with images of Olympic winners. You had to be open on Sundays to take part.

The Royal Mail says its printing team has been practising this for about two years. So long as team GB doesn’t get more than three gold medals in an hour (and it did on weekend number two!) people would be able to buy these stamps the next day in post offices.

Sue thought ‘Great, but what if there are no winners?’ And she was right to think so because, until day five, there were no golds. But enterprising Sue had thought in advance, and decided to add Sunday papers to her mix. She rang the Menzies call centre and placed her order. A couple of weeks later, she checked to make sure. “Yes, said the call centre brainbox, you are on the system.”

Well, dunno which system, because Sue got no Sunday papers. She rang again and offered her partner to collect any spare papers going. Her Sheffield branch called her back and said, nope, no spares, and anyway, it’s your fault because you should have reminded us. “Those were their very words,” she added.

I’ve sent Sue to the Press Distribution Forum administrator to take up the complaint.

And I trust that, since then, she has at least been selling stamps like there was no tomorrow.