The first issue of this year (January 6) had to be written before Christmas for head office and printer’s reasons (ie happy holidays), therefore at the time of writing it was hard to look forward. Now we’re well and truly in January it’s easier to think ahead.

If you’re near an Olympic venue, look at stocking foreign newspaper titles. Your news wholesaler can supply.

Get your diary out. Sounds stupid I know, but I wonder how many actually know when Easter is, when the Olympics run (pun!) to and from, and then the Paralympics. There will also be the Queen’s luvvly Jub-Jub, meaning an extra bank holiday and street party stock and staff rotas to consider.

Right now you should be stocking those new Crème Egg Splats. This column isn’t about pushing products and I don’t have a sweet tooth so I think they’re yucky but hey, they won’t half sell.

What you shouldn’t be selling are battery cage eggs. There are cracking new regulations on eggs. This is be-kind-to-chicken 2012. Put a sign up to tell customers the good news. ■