I’m going to assume that I got the following email because somebody called Eddy in China was browsing around our new website and either decided I was in the retail game myself or that it might be a novel way to get some coverage!

Either way, I loved it and some of you just might be interested.

It said, and I quote it verbatim: “Hi Sir, Glad to hear that you’re on the market for packing tin box and other promotional items.

“This is Eddy from Dongguan Lucky Peace Metal Products Company Ltd in China.

“We are a professional manufacturer of high quality tin box for nearly 10 years. These products are widly (sic) used for gift box, jewerly (sic) box, candy box, biscuit box, tea & coffee box, etc. with the customers of Green Light, Disney, Marlboro, Mika, Extra, Dunhill, Camel, QuikSilver, etc. and hope to find a way to cooperate with you.”

The ending is the best. “FREE SAMPLES can be sent on request. Call me, let’s talk more!”

I have to say that Eddy’s English is a lot better than my Mandarin and I do often get asked to source somewhat esoteric supplies - such as bigger shopping baskets, plastic bag dispensers and so on. Now if anyone wants tin boxes, I can oblige with a contact.