Nigel and Jane Park took over their Manor Road Stores in Scarborough seven years ago and got the lottery installed. At the time the business was a partnership. In June 2013 they changed to limited company status. Cue Camelot requiring a £5K deposit for two years. The time came and went and Nigel has been fruitlessly attempting to get his money - and the interest - back ever since.

When he contacted me last November he said: “I’ve had every excuse under the sun… the woman who runs the credit checks has been off ill, but it’s been two months since then. I just get an automated reply that someone will get back in three days. Never happens.”

I contacted Camelot and was told that someone from the finance team would be contacting the retailer directly. But when I checked back with Nigel he had been told that Camelot had looked at Companies House and that his outgoings were greater than his incomings. “I said ‘How am I still in business then?’.”

He then went to see his accountant and when I checked back earlier this month he still hadn’t got anywhere. His accountant said there was no way Camelot would have his figures. They must have been working on national averages.

Meanwhile, Yorkshire Water closed the road off for six weeks: it was meant to be three. It hit his takings and he had to cut staff. Now he’s hoping for compensation for some of the £20K he lost in turnover. So Camelot… he really could use that money back asap. You are adding to his problems.