A few issues back I said I hoped I would be able to bring good news when Subash Inamdar got his results from the ombudsman after referring a clear case of card fraud. His very experienced staff had been duped out of £563 at Subash’s store, Wineworld in St Albans. Merchant Services company First Data said the bank had advised that the transaction had not been authorised even though the card swiped. Clever piece of doctoring.

Unfortunately, the news isn’t good. The ombudsman’s office obviously took it up with First Data because it then mailed Subash a copy of First Data’s terms and conditions, which got it off the hook. The T&Cs are 30 pages long.

As Subash says: “It’s small print and they don’t point out the really important parts. They should underline or use capitals to highlight. The rest is irrelevant.”

One has to agree with him.

Citizens Advice had suggested the ombudsman to Subash and invited him to come back if he didn’t get a good result. So that’s where he is going.