A shy retailer (hence anonymous) wrote to say that their store (Day to Day Express) was one of those unfortunate ones with a keeps-on-breaking-down Cashzone ATM that she has been reading about in this column. That wasn’t why she got in touch, though. “With this situation our store has lost a lot of customers and in order to keep them we sometimes resort to giving cashback. This is why I wrote, because I was confused by the statement forwarded to us by PayPoint from the NRFN.”

The statement clearly said that businesses could charge for offering cashback and that ATMs were outside the scope of the new rules.

I asked the NFRN how this could work, because to give cashback you have to accept a debit card and the rules clearly say you cannot charge for taking cards.

This was the reply from their head of public affairs, Adrian Roper (no relation): “Cashback is not a sale so is one of the areas that falls outside of the ban on card charges.”

He added that members can choose whether they wish to advertise the fact that they offer cashback, for which there is a charge, within their store.

That sounds like a good idea to me to keep down any flak. Anyway, it’s good news for once. And it will keep your banking costs down while you act as bank to the general public.

Funnily enough, the very same day on Facebook I came across a retailer who says he charges a flat 50p for cashback. His customers were happy with that and so was he!