I realise this might be one of those how long is a bit of string questions, but Ajit Patel is asking it. His store, MK & Sons, trades 25-30 yards from Haringey Station in North London, therefore the footfall outside is big.

He has had two illuminated Primesight signs outside for about 10 years, but the contract was up for renewal and he was initially offered £150 for the two sites.

He got this up to £450 plus £210 per structure to cover the electricity. Sounds okay until you work out that this is still only £9 a week.

He sent me pictures of the ads – for O2 phones and Bose headphones – so clearly he will not sell more of these (Primesight’s website suggests it improves footfall and therefore sales) because he doesn’t sell any in the first place.

Anyone else in a similar situation? Ajit would like some feedback.