This is a story involving till rolls, a small item but one that’s crucial to everyone. Muhammad Javaid, who runs Carronshore Mini Market in Falkirk, got a phone call from Saxon Papers offering him six boxes of till rolls for £95 “all in”. He took this to mean that VAT was included, and delivery. Well, you would, wouldn’t you? When the goods arrived the bill was £122 which included VAT and carriage. He refused the order and discussed this with the company, which told him that all prices quoted are excluding VAT.

He said: “Listen to the tape. The quote was ‘all in’.” He refused to pay and asked the company to pick up its goods. This was refused. Things escalated and he received a note from the company’s account recovery department, threatening a claim at Doncaster County Court. In the end Muhammad sent the stuff back himself by courier. It cost him £14. When I contacted the company it confirmed that the slate had now been wiped clean and that, unfortunately, it did not record its telesales phone calls, or it might have reacted differently. But still it cost Muhammad a few quid and he got nothing for it in the end.