Harjeet Mann from Chesterfield writes: "Just letting you know that I'm a now a former Payzone top-up retailer thanks to the new charges applied for minimum level of transactions. Nothing special, you say, but the catch is that I was comfortably within the target of transactions needed.

"I want the big companies that rip off the small retailers to know that we are not your errand boys. We want fairer standards plus improved margins and if we don't get them, give your terminals to some other Muppet who wants slave labour wages."

There was a lot more like that.

David Robinson from Lingwood Post Office & Stores, Norwich, wrote: "I'm earning 15p a week doing all this work for them. I'm incurring bank charges collecting money for them and paying their direct debit twice a week, and I'm still refusing to pay their bill for tally rolls. It would be a huge inconvenience to my customers but I simply cannot afford to pay to provide this service, which is effectively what I am doing."

I put it to Payzone that, if retailers are willing to undertake bill payment transactions on behalf of Payzone for next to nothing, or sometimes even a loss, to provide their customers with a service, then how can Payzone justify a minimum level penalty? Doesn't the company owe something to consumers as well?

The company has replied (as it has before): "While we never wish to remove our services from communities, if terminals are consistently under performing, we do have to seek to recover some of our costs. However, we expect less than 5% of our retail network to be affected by the new charge and will not charge if low transactions are a one-off, but will judge performance over a number of weeks."

On charging for its till rolls, Payzone adds (as it has before): "Due to a 35% increase in paper costs, excessive waste and environmental concerns, Payzone started charging the cost price for supplying till receipt paper in November 2008. This charge brought Payzone in line with many other providers of cash acceptance and bill payment services who already charged. In 2007, 32,000 boxes of till roll supplied by Payzone were wasted enough till receipt paper to go half way round the world. This was significantly in excess of the amount of receipt paper required to process all the transactions made on Payzone terminals throughout that year. Payzone has made a promise to match any other supplier's till roll price."

And finally the company has announced it has rolled out its Pay as You Go card acceptance service to more than 4,000 additional retailers. The new card acceptance service, which is now offered by a total of 5,000 Payzone outlets, enables retailers to accept cards without the monthly fixed cost traditionally associated with many other providers. Retailers only need to pay when they use the service. The company estimates that each year, Payzone retailers are about £100 better off than retailers using another card acceptance provider thanks to the structure of its service. Furthermore, the service can be installed on existing Payzone terminals and eliminates the need to offer multiple in-store terminals.

For more info on this go to www.payzone.co.uk.