Following my reports on Medina Dairies making sudden demands for payments from previous customers, I got a comprehensive fax from Cliff White, White’s News, East Sussex. 

He got the same solicitor’s letter, from WG Commercial (featured in the April 15 issue) saying he owed £296 and had until April 4 to pay up, or else… 

Cliff knew he didn’t owe Medina this much (and the debt remains an unreconciled sum) so he rang the solicitor to complain. They told him 2,000 such letters had gone out on March 28 and that a couple of days later they had had more than 200 calls from retailers disputing demands. 

Cliff said he had always had a problem with drivers – some of whom claimed to speak no English (I hope they could fathom road signs), wouldn’t take cheques or issue receipts. 

I reckon the paperwork must be in a right state and I urge anyone getting these demands to ask for a proper breakdown.