Harjeet Mann wrote with an interesting enquiry from Chesterfield. "As well as working in my family store I am studying at DeMontfort University in Leicester and would like some feedback from retailers as part of a project that I am doing.

"I wonder if c-store owners would be interested in the idea of a price comparison site similar to mysupermarket.co.uk, but with cash and carry prices instead?"

He believes it would help the many independent retailers who still go to the cash and carry two to three times a week as it would help them plan their trips better and save money at the same time and, in turn, help wholesalers to attract more customers.

He concludes: "If you could print this in your column and ask for readers to give feedback that would be much appreciated."

I did put it to Harjeet that I had looked at the 'mysupermarket' site and it is obvious that four big retailers are providing up-to-the-minute prices, but I wonder whether the C&Cs would do this. It is a clever site. You choose (there are top offers and favourites) and the site compares baskets in real time for Tesco, Sainsbury's, Asda and Ocado (Waitrose). Depending on whether or not you have some or all of those emporia on your doorstep, you can make some really informed choices. Either order online or print the list and go shop. But geography must come into it for retailers who may not have those C&Cs within striking distance.

Still, it sounds like a good uni project that ought to impress the tutors. So, what do you think?