Jim Roberts is a rare thing. He’s an ex-retailer turned consultant who once specialised in buying run-down shops, pulling them up by their bootstraps and selling them on at a profit. And, as he was independent himself for many years, he knows what the constraints on business are, which means he’s very affordable.
I recently referred a lady to him who had been on the phone in tears, her business rolling downhill before her eyes. He helped and she is happier.

So, time for a small commercial. He can advise on a strategy for survival. Moving to the top of the ladder he can also advise on a strategy for expansion. And in between, his ‘mix’ includes advice on financial controls, stock control, product mix, store design and layout,bank presentations, ongoing help and a shoulder to cry on.

In all my (27) years of working in this industry, the two constant great gaps I have come across are affordable consultants and holiday relief management.

I sometimes get the odd call from someone saying: “If you could just come and look at my shop, I’m sure you’d be able to help.”

Truth is, I couldn’t. But that’s why I’m quite happy to say give Jim a call on 01509 853428. He can very probably fix it.