Further on the subject of red tape, I’d like to add my voice to the clamour in our various trade press over the promised bonfi re from the government. They’ve counted them all up. The PM himself said: “There are more than 21,000 statutory rules and regulations in force, and I want us to bring that number – and the burden it represents – down. Indeed, I want us to be the fi rst government in modern history to leave offi ce having reduced the overall burden of regulation, rather than increasing it.” 

The 21,000-plus regulations will be published on the website in phases, with those affecting retailers the fi rst to appear, followed by the hospitality and food and drink industry. 

So if you have an opinion on regulations covering ice cream van musical jingles, Sunday trading, liqueur chocolates, best before dates and dozens of others – and surely you do have opinions – then you have up to May 5 to make them known on the website (www.redtapechallenge. cabinetoffi ce.gov.uk).