I did not feel at all confident after I got an email from Susan Lee (Spar, Freckleton, Lancashire) asking: “I was wondering if you could help me with an issue with BT? It’s been ongoing since October 2015, I’ve tried the ombudsman but to no avail, because BT hadn’t escalated it to a full complaint.”

As I said to Susan, Ofcom has clout. If the problem’s to do with a supplier who worries about poor publicity on our pages, then the C-Store title has a bit of influence. But heyho, let’s have a go.

Susan explained that BT had advised a switch to Infinity to save money. “Unfortunately, they put the broadband on a different line (one which should have been disconnected) so we were invoiced for three lines and two broadbands. Eventually they disconnected one of the redundant lines and put Infinity on the right line, but we were still being charged more than £500/quarter.”

In 2016 BT said it was increasing its prices, but offered to end her contract with no penalty. She got rid of the superfluous broadband, but then got another invoice for £596.17.

I contacted BT’s press office, spoke to a bloke called Saul and he said he’d look into it. I gave him a week or more to respond.

Very next day, an email from Saul. “The issue you sent over was due to a billing issue which has now been resolved. Our customer service team has contacted the customer directly to let them know of the situation.”

Susan said: “It’s amazing you got it sorted in one day. I had been trying for more than two years!”

Me, I’m dazed.