Ukash launched an internet safety campaign in the week that I write this column (Nov 7-11), but it was too late for Robert Cole in Grantham, who got done when staff received a call supposedly from PayPoint, reporting a fault on the line.
Then the instructions: Switch machine off…reboot…test transaction…failed, try again. He got done for £2,000. Robert is so ticked off that he is taking the machine out (he is not in a contract so no penalties).
His insurance company is considering whether he might be covered so I rang Stuart Knowles at SME Insurance Services, which provides C-Store’s own insurance package, to hear his take on it. He said: “Insurance covers specific perils - theft, flood, fire and so on - and although the retailer will feel this is a theft and should be covered, it is actually theft by deception (also known as unauthorised conversion) and will probably be specifically excluded.”
Stuart’s advice, like PayPoint’s and Ukash’s, is to treat incoming calls with suspicion and ask for contact details so you can run your own checks.