Concerned at the number of fraudulent credit card transactions (42) at his store, Snutch News in Leicester, Subhash Varambhia wrote to the police. The chief constable responded, saying that it wasn’t 42 individuals but just a few perpetrators. He wrote: “The individuals that commit the offences are known faces to you and therefore a simple way of preventing such occurrences would be for you to refuse to accept payment from them via card, or request further identification.”

Yeah, right thought Subhash. Shortly afterwards his CCTV identified a known burglar using a stolen card. He called the police and the guy was caught. A better outcome in Subhash’s opinion.

He wrote to the chief constable: “Had I followed your advice, I could be in hospital. I could be with the North London retailer, the late Mr Patel. And the shop wrecked.”

Any thoughts?