In the 10 February issue I told the tale of a retailer who lost £200 on a card scam. This prompted regular correspondent Subhash Varambhia (Snutch News, Leicester) to send me one of his hand-crafted letters. He wrote: “The charge back is applied by the card company - Worldpay - to claw back the amount from the retailer and not the card holder. This is because the retailer had keyed in the long number and not used Chip and PIN. I would like to call it ‘fleecing’.

“The retailer carries out a transaction in good faith, so why should he be penalised? The retailer is merely a go-between for the card holder and card provider.”

He is having an issue with Leicester City Council bills. Apparently, 90% of the time the barcode won’t scan. “So we are forced to punch in the long number (20+). This throws up all sorts of cock-ups. Worst of all, the hold up at the counter… and it has to happen at our peak time.”

I think that’s known as Sod’s Law.