Dr Glyn Reece and wife Judith have run Penny’s Food & Drink in Huntington, Chester, for 29 years (actually, Judith does the ‘running’ with the doc’s back-up). But health issues have resulted in early retirement - propably to Canada. I’ve known them a long time so I said I’d put in a plug for their store.

It’s a black & white mock Tudor lock-up on a quaint traditional village green. It’s a main road position, two miles from the city centre in a prestigious ABC1 area. It has a new 10-year leasehold with low rent and full rural rates relief.

The c-store has everything you would expect: general goods, local produce, full range of wines, spirits and beers - all chilled, a large sandwich and pie trade, take-away coffee and soup. There’s also news and magazines, HND, PayPoint and National Lottery with Scratchcards. All the shop equipment is owned.

There’s double-glazed new frontage and a rear garden with planning permission for a 300sq ft extension. (I’m starting to fancy this myself).

The village population is 4,000 and growing with 900 new homes built in the past three years and the primary school for 450 pupils is being expanded. Also nearby are three hairdressing salons, a garden centre, a post office, a newly-refurbished gastro pub, dentist, Indian and Chinese takeaways.

They say it’s an “easy run by a husband and wife team”.

The asking price is £80k + stock at valuation. If you fancy a change of scenery contact pennyschester@gmail.com or Judith on 01244 341953. And bon voyage to the Reeces.