Priyesh Patel, who runs Ickenham Post Office, seems to think my intervention did the trick. He contacted me to complain about the Imperium software supplied with his hardware system from Epos Direct.

He paid £5,200 for the combo and says the rep did not point out that ongoing licensing and support for the software would cost him £864 per annum.

Furthermore, he is not using the software (and therefore has no need of support or upgrades). One of the reasons he is not using it is that it is not fit for purpose for example, regarding the National Lottery, the software does not show sales or prizes paid out separately it just shows a net figure. The taxman would not be happy with that.

Priyesh complained to the company and after a week went by with no acknowledgement, he got in touch with me. I tried ringing the company’s fairly prestigious London offices and eventually someone picked up and said: “Hello.”

I asked if I was through to Epos Direct and she said: “Yes.”

I explained and she said: “I’ll put you through.”

Then the line went dead. I therefore sent an email with a one-week deadline for a response. That came and went, so I checked back with Priyesh and he said the company had just raised a credit note for the sum and sent an email confirming that he would not be charged for the maintenance.

So it’s a good result either way and hopefully Epos Direct will consider its software’s suitability for c-stores.