National Lottery cards

National Lottery cards

I got an email from Sirilal Patabendige, who trades as Boden News in Stoke-on-Trent, which said: “I bought a retail business in October last year and did not realise that the National Lottery was to be applied as a new application. They have rejected my application and [I’m] still waiting for a subsequent application.”

I got in touch with Camelot to see whether this could be speeded up a bit and a spokesperson replied: “As with all National Lottery retailer applications, we look at a number of factors to ensure we select the right outlets to maximise returns to National Lottery good causes. After speaking with Mr Patabendige directly and working with him on a second application, we’re pleased to say we were able to find a solution that suits him – and one which we believe he is now proceeding with. We wish him all the best and look forward to working with him.”

I already knew this because I had had another email from Sirilal saying: “I got a call from Camelot Executive and already completed paperwork and finally accepted to become a retailer as a sole trader. It was so quick and happened within 24 hours and never happened [over the] last months and months when I tried.”

I think there may be a clue in the fact that Sirilal’s business is a limited liability company (GMT Ventures Limited) whereas Camelot finally took him on as a sole trader (Boden News).