I thought this would be straightforward, but no. Tajinder Singh (Carley Hill News, Sunderland) got a bill late August from Camelot for £234 for an engineer callout on June 21.

He sent me a copy of a complaint he made to Camelot which, in part, goes: “The call was made for an engineer as the Lottery machine was not operational. However, another call was made straight after to advise the engineer was no longer needed as the terminal was operating normally. You will be able to check your phone recording log and this will confirm so. The engineer never attended so I do not understand why your statement says ‘No Fault Found by Engineer’.

“As stated you received notification by a phone call from me to cancel the request, given the terminal started working immediately after the first telephone call.”

It sounded pretty clear that he shouldn’t have to pay. However, Camelot thought differently. Here is its spokeswoman: “Our records show the visit was requested on 21 June, but the request to cancel it wasn’t made until late morning the following day (22 June).

“When a booking is made, retailers are informed that, if the problem resolves itself and they don’t give us sufficient notice, we may unfortunately have to pass on the charge – this is common practice.

“I appreciate that’s probably not the outcome Mr Singh was hoping for, but hope he understands the reasoning behind this.”

Tajinder is, in fact, quite annoyed. He says he was pretty sure it was the same day and if Camelot had sent the bill sooner, he could have proved it through CCTV footage which records sound.

I suggested he ask his telecom provider for a list of his calls to Camelot on June 21.