As I wrote in the November 11 issue, when you get demands from solicitors over the Lanwall photocopy/finance company debacle, you need to pay attention. Courts are home turf for lawyers, unlike debt collectors who prefer the smash and grab side-street approach.

Mary Birchall (Derwen Stores, Gwynedd), whom I featured as receiving a demand from solicitor’s firm Berman’s, took her own legal advice and has now negotiated a settlement for less than the demand (which shows that the solicitors have been instructed to settle).

The BBC is preparing an exposé on the dodgy deals offered by some photocopy companies, which may include some details about Lanwall’s victims. Should they be exposed as having operated illegally it should give Mary grounds for getting her money back.

PS. Don’t ring offering to take part. The Beeb finished its research pre-Christmas. And none of these highly competitive broadcasters like to publicise much in advance in case the opposition thinks, oh hang on, good idea, and embarks on a beat-you-to-it ‘spoiler’.