Vijay Patel, who runs Higham News in Higham Ferrers in Northamptonshire, says his business is purely CTN so newspapers really matter to him. He writes that on Tuesday 15 August he didn’t receive any copies of the Daily Express. He put in the claim in good time and told their call centre staff that he would need them on time to carry out his home delivery service. He says: “But it was waste of time as usual.”

The copies arrived at 9.30am.

This was not an isolated incidence. A week earlier he was told by his depot, Milton Keynes House, that, as requested, he would have a meeting with his area manager. He adds: “No luck, still waiting.”

He says that £50 a week for delivery of a fixed-price product is unacceptable.

Vijay also had quite a go at the publishers, too. He says that his “pathetic wholesaler” enjoys a monopoly thanks to the publishers who created a monster they cannot control and are now afraid of. He says: “I think they are scared because it’s their only outlet.”

And finally he concludes that he thinks Smiths News is setting itself up for a buyer: Amazon.

All I can say to that is, Amazon is quite accurate and quick on both the delivery and returns front.