It was judgement day – and hooray for that says Baz

Baz Basra got an Ezeecopy machine installed in April 2017 in his store, GB News in Bexley Heath, Kent. He believed the flyer that promised 50% commission on a free photocopier machine and says he was unaware of the minimum transaction costs that would apply after three months.

Of course, he subsequently found out and tried to leave the contract. Ezeecopy sent him a bill for £5,500 to cover the remainder of the agreement.

He says: “We said we will go to the Financial Ombudsman Service and the FOS found in our favour by July 2018. But even when the ombudsman said we are investigating, Ezeecopy still decided to take us to court.”

So off they went to Dartford County Court. “It was supposed to be a two hour hearing but it lasted three-and-a-half hours. The judge dismissed it almost in its entirety except for £18 I owed. In her judgment she said it should never have come to court. And she said that the flyer that sparked the interest was unclear and unfair.

“Ezeecopy said it’s taken 97 companies (1%) a year to court. That’s not a good business model.”

In the run-up to the court case Baz found the Ezeecopy Customer Victim Support group, set up by Hampshire’s Mark Bennett. Mark and Dan Paladhanushan (whom I featured in our 22 Feb issue when he also got his case approved by the FOS) went along as witnesses.

It also helped, says Baz, “that my wife’s admin is brilliant. She kept everything from the original flyer”.

The group, to which Baz now belongs, has 37 members so far. “It is very much on a mission not to be taken for a ride.”