You will note that this and the next two items are all labelled Anon. I don’t really know why; I am just following requests. Never had so many in one column. But, believe you me, they are all ‘Real Retailers’. I couldn’t make this up if I tried.

So, Anon Number One (who actually offered to be identified as Mr S from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne) writes: “I have been in contact with InPost UK. They are a new company fitting 24-hour access delivery boxes. They like my site and have offered me £1,000 per annum, which I think is rather poor as their unit measures 3m by 3m. Do you know if other retailers have had units installed and what the going rate is?

“The commission is negotiable, but I am not sure if I am getting a good deal or not.”

In a further email, Mr S adds that if he gives them three sites the company is willing to up the ante to £1,500.

I’ve had a look at its cheery website and learn that InPost launched in the UK this April (and is in 17 countries worldwide so far, moving from east to west) and is aiming for some 2,000 postal lockers for e-shoppers in this country by the end of the year.

In the pictures, no one has stuck anything on top of the lockers and I wonder if the contract says you cannot use the extra space this way.

But, I throw it out to you, Dear Reader. Have you got one? If so, how’s it going?