Many newsagents complain about lack of choice in the market but, as I see it at the moment, if there were to be a choice it would be Hobson’s choice as there are only two main wholesalers left.
And so on to Kirit Ved, who runs Ved News in East London’s Stoke Newington. He was dissatisfied with Smiths News’ offhand approach to credits. He felt that whereas his previous area manager had respected his integrity (ie, he wasn’t faking the credits due), his current manager wasn’t taking it seriously enough.
I put Kirit onto Dorothy King, who runs the complaints process for the Press Distribution Forum (which replaced the old ISSA complaint system). When I checked back with him he was quite happy with the results.
“She was very helpful and advised me to ask for a Restoration Form, stage two.”
Kirit also finally got through to some senior people at Smiths including one he had known for years and who could vouch for his honesty.
He got a personal visit and he got all his credits, plus a mobile number to ring if things go wrong again.
I would advise anyone having difficulties with their news wholesaler to ring Dorothy King. She says she will be happy to help smooth the path (give that woman a shovel!). Her number is 0843 289 3967.