When your store is called Wineworld you most definitely need shutters. Subhash Inamdar rang from his St Albans off licence in Hertfordshire to complain that his electric shutters had stopped working and when he got the company back to fix the problem they made it worse.

When he rang, the shutters were half open, half shut and hanging about in a health & safety liability fashion. People were having to climb over bits of it to get in and out. He has CCTV evidence of the damage and so thought he had a good case.

He paid £1,500 for the shutters less than two years ago, but the company is demanding another £700/£800 upfront to fix them.

It gets more complicated, though. The original installer is in India for an operation and will probably be there for quite a while; another nearby company is filling in. As the guy running it said to me: “At the end of the day, it’s a machine and can break down if it likes. Bottom line - it’s not our fault and it’s out of warranty.”

I originally suggested Subhash try Trading Standards and although the TSO from Welwyn Garden City couldn’t help he did give Subhash some advice: with business-to-business deals always make sure what guarantees you are being offered.

On the supplier’s website it recommends getting shutters serviced every six months. The TSO added that it wouldn’t be worth going to court because a judge could well find in the supplier’s favour because the shutters had not been serviced.