These days delivery vans are everywhere. The day that Kamaljic Daffu rang to complain about a TNT delivery of Shop-Equip units was the same day Yodel hit the news for delivering damaged ceramic poppies. One driver was captured on camera tossing the box over a fence.

Kamaljic’s delivery was caught on film, too – on CCTV.

She was busy in their store, Bobby’s Convenience Store in Forestfield, Nottingham, when the delivery arrived. It was addressed to her son and she signed on his behalf. That, by the way, was the wrong thing to do since she could see the driver had manhandled it. Signing meant it had arrived in good shape, although she still had 24 hours to report damage.

Trouble was, son was away for a few days. When he got back he unpacked the ‘surprise’ pick ‘n’ mix units he had ordered for his parents. More like shock as six of the eight units were damaged.

They rang Shop-Equip but were told the rule was report within 24 hours. There ensued numerous calls between the Daffus and Shop-Equip and TNT. They felt they weren’t getting anywhere. When they rang me I suggested that they take TNT to small claims court as clearly it was their fault.

When I then contacted Shop-Equip the company made it clear TNT would not relax its 24-hour rule and offered to split the cost of replacements (£93 each).

It took some time for the Daffus to get the evidence from the CCTV recording, but once they had it Kamaljic and her daughter visited Shop-Equip to show them.

I once again advised the Daffus to sue TNT and told Shop-Equip that was my advice.

Director Lee Noble then said: “The time and effort that Mrs Daffu has put into this, as well as you and I, I am sure exceeds the £93 contribution towards the cost of the damaged items. Although I am concerned this could be seen as setting a precedent and leaving us open for claims in the future, on this occasion we will arrange for the six bins to be sent out at no cost for Mrs. Daffu.”

I want everyone to read that response clearly, so pay attention at the back. It is a good response… but it doesn’t mean you can ignore that 24-hour rule. This was a one-off.