Uh-oh, last year, in a July issue and then again in September, I recounted Nigel Dowdney’s saga with Santander. Last summer the bank failed to credit two cheques. I suggested pursuing satisfaction of the debt through the small claims court and Nigel thought he had achieved a result! He got apologies and promises of payment.

Now he sends the following: “Here we are, five months after the promises were made and no money has been transferred into our account by Santander.”

Nigel tried to phone the ‘helpful’ woman who had made all the promises and pledges, using the telephone number on her headed notepaper. Except no one had heard of her. Until Nigel got tough, then it was admitted that, yes, she was there, but he couldn’t speak to her. They promised she would get in touch with him.

“Not a result at all!” he concludes. “I will let you know how I get on. I have added another £25 to the costs.”

I make that somewhere into three figures by now. Nigel will also go back to the ombudsman and keep her informed as well.