It was bad enough that two con artists got away with 320 euros, but the fact that the authorities couldn’t give a toss made it even more painful.

Subpostmaster Jim Manson from Ravenfield PO and General Stores, South Yorkshire, got in touch to say that two non-British men had pulled off a distraction crime with one making a huge racket at the retail counter while the other was ‘buying’ euros.

Staff dialled 999 and called Grapevine (the hotline launched by the PO some years ago to improve security). “Grapevine informed my assistant that it was similar to events which had occurred the previous weekend in Devon/Cornwall,” says Jim.

Grapevine and the police were both informed that CCTV was available. Staff even provided DNA from a sweetie that one bloke had taken out of his mouth and put into a bin.

Some 40+ hours later the police phoned. “They informed me it was difficult to get officers to come and recover CCTV footage.”

So a member of the staff took mobile phone footage and sent it to the police, asking for confirmation of receipt. No reply.

“The info from Grapevine was passed on to them. No contact since,” says Jim. He asked Grapevine if they could help with the CCTV, but as it wasn’t PO-installed they said they would charge.

He emailed his MP. Five days later he still hadn’t had a reply.

He asks: “What is happening to this country?”

I don’t have an answer.