Alan Dunn, who runs Open All Hours in Keswick, Cumbria, writes: “We’re often moaning about poor service within our trade and I know that it’s your job to ‘get on the case’ of certain suppliers, but can I for once give praise to a couple of suppliers?”

Oh, you most certainly can, Alan. I wish more would.

“Firstly to Booker Cash and Carry, who have helped me organise a major shop refit, and secondly to their shopfitters PNC, who undertook the work. Those who know me will know that I am not easy to please and can be unimpressed with poor service, but I commend these two who have gone the extra yard to provide excellent service.”

He goes on to say that Booker helped him to turn an already successful independent convenience store into a fully fledged Premier.

He awards full marks to the merchandising team and adds that he and his wife were “blown away” by shopfitters PNC of Stamford. “Their work surpassed our expectations,” he adds.