In a follow-up to the Santander crusade (13 March and 10 April issues of C-Store) Andy Heal (Hoopers News, Plymouth) writes that Santander has offered to extend his current banking services and charges for one more year, instead of imposing hefty increases that would have taken him from virtually zero charges to facing £4K per year.

“They said that they hoped this would give me a breathing space to find alternative services or arrangements for my current banking needs. Then in March 2016 I could switch, if I wished to, to any of their business bank accounts that would suit me.

“The revised charges will, they say, probably be still in place.

“I thought it a nice gesture on their part as I do not now have to rush into anything. However their increased banking charges, although delayed, would still apply at a later date.”

Maybe this bank does have a heart after all.