I don’t like to send people away empty-handed when they get in touch for answers and/or advice. But this time I am stumped, so I’m hoping you can help.

There is a group campaigning against the conversion of a vacated Barclays branch to a Tesco Express in Leicester. A member of the ‘Keep Clarendon Park Independent’ campaign asked me two questions: How many customers a day would a typical Tesco Express attract? And how many deliveries a day would a typical Tesco Express attract?

“We only need ball park figures to marshal our arguments that this is the wrong store in definitely the wrong place,” said the spokesman.

I went to every source I could think of, but on the first point could only discover that the average Tesco Express shopper visits it three times a week. I came to the conclusion that only Tesco knows what the average footfall is in its Express branches.

I couldn’t find an answer to the second question either.

This is where you come in: do you trade near a Tesco Express? If so, you will have noticed the number of deliveries a day.

I would really like to know and so would Clarendon Park. At this month’s planning committee, the campaigners were hoping to persuade planners that an independent traffic study should be done. If they agreed to this then there is still time for feedback from other retailers in other parts of the country regarding frequency of deliveries. Even if the committee doesn’t agree, this statistic would be very useful for future reference.