Nigel Crocker got in touch from Hayes News in Cardiff on 10 May to ask for help in speeding up some forms from Camelot.

He said: “Due to the end of the lease at our current premises and the fact that we have been unable to agree on new terms with our landlord, we are relocating our business. Back on 9 April I requested to Camelot a transfer of terminal to our new premises (approx 10 yards from existing). I was informed by our rep the application was approved on 23 April.”

Despite several calls, still no forms. He had been told that moving a terminal is a 90-day process. Nigel had given them as much notice as possible.

I got onto Camelot and the following day the forms arrived on email.

Nigel then wrote: “Unfortunately, things have stalled again. We’ve been waiting weeks now for a date from Camelot for BT to come and install an ADSL line for the terminal.” They were due to move on 29 May.

I got onto Camelot again and BT was scheduled to arrive on 1 June. The spokeswoman added: “It takes 10 working days for the line to go live after BT have installed it. Once the equipment has all been put in place, our team have assured me they will get it all good to go as a matter of urgency.”

Fingers crossed that it went according to plan. As Nigel says: “A loss of £6.5K lotto sales per week. Not the best way to help good causes really!”