And the award for Best Response of the Month goes to Palmer & Harvey.

I had a complaint from Sudesh Gupta, who runs Quick Stop in Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire, regarding P&H’s Price-check and its availability promise. He said that he tried to order Kinder Bueno but it wasn’t available although it was listed in the Price-check book he was using.

When he spoke to telesales in Coventry he was told that he should have checked online. He did this and it wasn’t listed there. He says the Price-check promise is “if an order is not in stock, the next order will be free”.

He concedes that when he complained a rep did visit quickly and he was given another book, without a listing for Kinder Bueno. Sudesh says the books are not dated so it is misleading.

A spokeswoman replied right on deadline. “When Mr Gupta originally placed his order, he was advised that Kinder Bueno was unavailable because the supplier could not provide stock into our depots and that for this reason the product was not under guarantee. Manufacturing issues are the only circumstance where we would remove the availability guarantee, since they are beyond our control. This is a rare incident - our availability currently stands at 99.5%.”

She added that P&H price matches 600 top-selling lines against cash and carries and prices can change and therefore sometimes printed brochures do go out of date. “However, we always ensure our telesales team, website and sales reps are aware of the latest prices.

“We would like to thank Mr Gupta for bringing this to our attention and as a gesture of goodwill will arrange a £50 credit to his account.” That’s pretty good considering Sudesh is not a big spender with the company and a pretty good availability record, too.

” There is to be a debate on Horizon and the number of subpostmasters who have been bankrupted and criminalised by a system that claims to have no glitches “