Here’s a cheery little tale appropriate to the time of year. Mansukh Varu, who runs Ministore in Sutton, rang me to say he had finished his contract with PayPoint last December. He was offered a new one, but it was for five years and is very unsure where he will be in the next couple of years owing to redevelopment of the area and an onslaught of multiples.

The machine was duly removed in January. His accountant’s records showed that his last payment, of just 64p, was paid in February. But more recently PP took £100 by direct debit from his bank. He phoned the bank and got his money back. Then, on November 15, he got a recorded delivery letter from PP, apologising for the delay but still demanding £100. He didn’t believe that he owed PP anything.

I put the case to PayPoint and a spokesperson sent the following: “We’ve reviewed Mr Varu’s account and can see that there was an unclaimed direct debit for £100 that hadn’t been processed before he finished his contract last year. We’re happy to confirm that this has been waived and have let Mr Varu know directly that this has been resolved.”

Mansukh says he was quite happy to receive this season’s greeting as it were. And on that note, I’d like to add my own little list of cliches. Happy holidays. I wish you the traditional peace and prosperity. May your tills ring out and may all your problems be little ones.

In any case, I resolve to continue to help you. And, as they say in all the best shops, “I’m free!”