Steve Wilson says he was “furious” when he heard that myHermes was being taken off his Payzone terminal. “Like David Smith (26 August issue) we did well up to 150 parcels a week and growing, and followed all codes of conduct.”

He, too, got the runaround from both companies. “The story goes, I call Hermes, Hermes refer me to Payzone as my contract is with them. I then contact them, they tell me, yes, we want you on, all we need is Hermes to tell us to request you back on, not a problem. We will be delighted to get you back on.

“I then contact Hermes rep for this area to be told it’s got nothing to do with Hermes (head office says this) so then I call Payzone again and tell them what Hermes said to be then told no, we need to be told from Hermes, we need the request.

“I asked Hermes for a hand-held terminal but they said no because I was in a contract with Payzone so I talked to Payzone to ask if I am in contract with them for the parcel service and they said no, so why am I sitting here with no parcel service?

“In the end I just went round and round and round in circles; it is the biggest shambles I have ever seen. Both have no idea what they are doing.”

Steve was further miffed to discover that 17 stores were given hand-held terminals even though they still had Payzone terminals. “So why can’t I? I was told I have no contract?”

Steve has now given up and is looking elsewhere for a parcel service.

Meanwhile, he has lost a minimum of £60 a week commission that he was putting towards paying for a new van.