This seemed like such a simple request. Gary Pilsworth wanted to switch the way he paid Kerry Foods. His Great Offley Stores & PO in Great Offley, Hertfordshire, has been supplied by Kerry for 16 years and he was paying through the buying group - FRG - that he belonged to. He wanted to change to direct to Kerry, largely because FRG doesn’t separate out the VAT on the invoices and Gary was finding that a bit of a tedious DIY chore.

However, when he rang me he had already tried in vain to contact Kerry Foods several times. He had been told that someone would return the call, but no one ever did. He even rang accounts at head office in Ireland and still no one rang back. So the other simple request: could I get someone to contact Gary?

I sent an email on 4 August and got a reply from someone in senior consumer services. She said: “With reference to your recent email, I have referred this to our head office for someone to contact Mr Pilsworth as a matter of priority.”

Still sounds simple, but three weeks on Gary hadn’t heard a dickie bird.

Happy ending, though. Gary had a word with the driver, who sorted it out on the spot. He set him up a cash account which actually gave him a bigger percentage. Cash is the way that Gary prefers to pay whenever possible.

He still thinks that Kerry Foods should have handled this better; too much of a corporate approach. But he’s more than happy with their driver and reckons they should be, too.