A Croydon convenience store retailer who never conducted underaged sales training, or offered it to his staff, has paid the price after being caught selling alcohol to 15 year olds.

Following a written admission of guilt at Croydon Magistrates’ Court, Raghavan Chandran, owner of Chassi Mini Market in Croydon, was fined almost £2,000.

Chandran had sold two cans of lager to two 15-year-old test purchasers acting under the supervision of Croydon Council trading standards officers last July.

He conducted the sale at the same time as holding a telephone conversation, breaking off from it only briefly to ask his customers if they required a bag, the court heard.

Raghavan confirmed that neither he nor his staff had received any training during his 10-year ownership of the shop, despite having been offered it by local trading standards.

He also conceded that he had failed to ask for proof of their age, and had no refusals register.

Croydon councillor Simon Hoar, who is also the cabinet member for community safety, said the case highlighted “the importance of traders being aware of the laws surrounding their business, and their own responsibilities”.

“It also illustrates the value of their accepting the training courses offered by the council’s trading standards department,” he added.