* A West Yorkshire-based c-store manager was hit around the head and face with a gun during a robbery at his store. An armed raider walked into the One Stop store in Meltham Road, Huddersfield, and demanded cash from the three staff on duty. A struggle ensued, in which the manager was struck with the gun and a second member of staff was pushed to the floor. The robber then grabbed money from the till and fled.

* Police in Wales are hunting a knife-wielding robber after he forced a young c-store sales assistant to hand over hundreds of pounds from a store’s till. The raider entered the Smile store in Cardiff brandishing a carving knife and ordered Noel Thorne, 21, to hand over electricity vouchers and £240.

* A man who was thrown out of a Coventry c-store for arguing with other customers retaliated by throwing three petrol bombs into the shop.
The attack took place at Costcutter in Far Gosford Street at 2am. Fortunately, none of the homemade bombs caught fire.

* Masked raiders burst into a Spar in Lancashire and threatened two female assistants with a wooden staff, before escaping with £200. One of the three raiders jumped over the counter and grabbed money from the till, while the other two tried unsuccessfully to break open a cash dispenser. They escaped in what police believe was a stolen car.

* A teenager from Berkshire was forced to hand over money to an armed robber after he threatened her with a sharp-looking letter opener. The 19-year-old staff member was locking up the One Stop store in Tilehurst when the attacker appeared. The robber snatched £80 from the till.