Retailers in London and its surrounds are being advised to reappraise their security systems against a backdrop of prolific smash and grab raids.

Up to three stores a week have been targeted by the highly organised criminal gang in the last month.

The gang comprises of seven individuals who arrive on motorbikes armed with bats and laundry bags.

CCTV has shown them to break into stores within a matter of seconds, leaving just minutes later with hauls of cigarettes, rolling tobacco and spirits.

"This gang is well drilled, they're in and out in lightning speed. Being on motorbikes ensures they have an equally fast getaway, and they can't be pursued by the police for safety reasons," said Neil Boffy, managing director of security company CSI Protected.

"These types of raids always start in city centres but then move outwards so retailers should be on their guard. "Criminals exploit the smallest of weaknesses in security so it's vital they don't get the chance. Simple things like ensuring doors and shutters are locked correctly are key," he added.