Police have praised the actions of a 75-year-old woman from West Yorkshire who refused to be intimidated by a knife-wielding robber. Alice Miller, who runs the E&A Miller store in Brighouse, refused to hand over cash when confronted by the masked raider. “He said he wanted the money out of the till,” said Alice. “He had the knife in his hand. I just told him to get out and he went. After that my son chased him up the street.” A police spokesman said: “Mrs Miller was very brave. She didn’t frighten easily.”

* Shoppers in a West Midlands-based Tesco Express looked on in horror as three masked men walked in and threatened a security guard with a handgun. The gang of robbers entered the store in Solihull and made for the room where the store’s safe was housed. They threatened the guard and forced him to hand over the delivery of cash he was making. The three raiders made their escape with what was described as a substantial amount of money.

* A female c-store owner from Wales was left terrified after an armed robber held a knife to her throat. Sharn Gill, who runs Gill convenience store in Ely, Cardiff, was grabbed by the scruff of her neck, dragged along the store’s counter and ordered to open the till. The robber grabbed the entire till, which was later found empty outside the store, and fled, leaving Sharn seriously shaken, with a cut hand.

* A gang of ram raiders smashed their way into a Spar store in Cambridgeshire and escaped with a cash machine. The raiders drove a 4x4 truck through the front of the c-store in Cherry Hinton and attached a chain to the cash machine which was then yanked out into the street. The gang put the machine onto the back of a second truck and escaped.