CCTV monitoring website Internet Eyes has been re-launched with a new Instant Playback feature.

Retailers can now review the alerts sent to them by Internet Eyes members immediately prior to the observed incident via their computers, tablets or smartphones.

The re-launch came just in time to help retailers combat the festive shoplifting uplift, founder Tony Morgan said.

The Internet Eyes system allows registered members of the public to view the CCTV footage of stores and report any crimes that take place.

The instant they spot an incident they can send an alert to the retailer in real time, with the opportunity of being rewarded up to £250 each month for their vigilance.

The new Instant Playback feature made the system “even more efficient,” Morgan added.

“I am even more confident that the video evidence of the incidents will prove beyond doubt that Internet Eyes can and does help to detect and deter crime, and supports our community and high street retailers,” he said.

Nisa Chigwell retailer Arul Masilamany praised the new system which recently caught one of his well-known customers stealing tea-bags.

“We have known her for two years and she was in our good books. We would never have caught her without Internet Eyes,” he said.