by ronan hegarty
Nisa-Today's and Costcutter are both seeking to fill gaps in their trading teams left open during merger talks between the two companies.

Neil Turton, Nisa-Today's acting chief executive, admitted that the group's sales team was currently under strength. He explained: "This is due to a number of employees leaving over several months and not being replaced in the run up to the proposed merger with Costcutter.
"As a result of the recent member recruitment success and the need to harness new volume into Nisa-Today's and develop the symbol group,
the board agreed to bring teams back to full strength."
Turton said that Nisa had attracted £50m in new member turnover this year. It is currently looking to fill numerous business development manager positions and the post of fresh food development manager.
Costcutter is seeking to recruit a new head of marketing as well as trading managers to work out of its head office near York and in Northern Ireland. A spokesman revealed that these were also vacancies that had been left open during the merger process and which now needed to be filled.