Spending in convenience stores via contactless transactions soared by 101% in the last 12 months, reports Barclaycard.

In the past 12 months, the use of ‘touch and go’ payment methods has continued to grow, with six out of 10 Brits now choosing to pay with their contactless cards and devices where possible, according to the company’s Contactless Spending Index.

In supermarkets and convenience stores more than three quarters (76%) of purchases up to £30 in value are made using contactless payments when the option is available.

Tami Hargreaves, director of innovation and partnerships at Barclaycard Mobile Payments, commented:

“Over the past decade contactless payments have transformed how we shop, travel and trade, making buying and selling quicker and easier. Today there is more choice than ever – from card to cash, mobile payments and wearables. And this is only set to increase with innovations such as our ‘Grab+Go’ invisible payments concept, which allows consumers to scan and pay with a smartphone without the need to visit a physical check-out.”

The usage of contactless payments is projected to rise by a further 317% by 2021, according to Barclaycard Time is Money research 2017.