Adult consumers are largely against the introduction of plain standardised tobacco packaging, the European Commission's public consultation on the upcoming revision of the Tobacco Products Directive has revealed.

The public consultation generated an unprecedented 85,000 responses, more than 82,000 of which came from individual citizens the majority of whom said that smokers were already facing "too much regulation to use a product they were legally entitled to consume".

Concerns were also expressed about the impact of plain packaging on the illicit trade.

National Parliamentarians, MEPs and local and regional authority representatives were split on the issue, with those opposed voicing concerns about intellectual property rights and smokers' rights to choose.

A large number of responses were also received from cigar manufacturers, who claimed that plain standardised packaging and larger health warnings would have a disproportionately negative impact on their business.

The results of the consultation will make interesting reading for the UK government, which is also due to consult on plans for plain packaging.